"Outstanding instructors, great group of students."

Steve G.

GAMASD is a real Martial Arts family with high-level instructors that welcome all!

Robert P.

"Great dojo! Very knowledgeable and friendly instructors and students. Everyone is more than happy to share tips and techniques to help you out and become better. Recommended."

Darren L.

"Great program and staff. We tried this as we had heard good things. They have several programs, times, and age groups. The owner even gave us a recommended time for the best teacher student ratio."

Caleb B.

"Ian McPherson is a legend in Atlanta Jiu Jitsu! If you want to learn some awesome leg locks and solid jiu jitsu, training with him is a must. The instructors at this gym are top notch and everyone there is super inviting and great to train with."

Melissa R.

"One of the best total martial arts schools in the area.
Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kendo, Judo, and Karate.
Great instructors with a combined wealth of knowledge!
Master Shawn Forristall is probably the nicest yet deadliest guy walking!
Professor Ian McPherson is an absolute tactician in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!
Tagged Gracie Magazine’s one to watch!"

Dewyne L.

"You can’t find any better BJJ instruction in the world, great clean environment, and they are super friendly."

Scott L.

"Great instruction and has a very welcoming environment. I would easily train there again during my next visit. I highly recommend."

Rachel G.

"Outstanding staff and members! Regardless of your age or ability you will be made to feel welcome . Lots of choices of programs and run with real integrity. Have been part of this dojo for 7 years – and as a 57 year old woman, have never felt stronger"

Kathi V.

"These training programs are the best in the state. The coaches are great, patient and supportive. Great job!"

Julia Armstrong

"I enjoyed training with the coach greatly. Thank you for the amazing opportunity and awesome experience."

Nick Sullivan

"My kids love your school. Professional and individual approach is key in this job. So, thank you a lot."

Sam Jones

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