Kids Program


Give Your Child an Advantage in Life By Enrolling Them in Our Kids Martial Arts Program


Kids Martial Arts should not be a “sport” or an “activity”. Our programs are designed to operate as a school to teach discipline, respect, physical fitness, and self-confidence. Our goal is not to give your young child a Black Belt. Children cannot EARN a Black Belt till they are at least 18 years of age. Our goal is for our program to become part of your child’s development as a person.



(Ages 4-6) – 30 minute classes
Classes focus on the development of gross motor skill and listening, while learning the core fundamentals of our matial arts. Children learn in a fun and safe environment. Along with listening and other skills, children are taught respect and proper dojo etiquette.



(Ages 6-13) – 60 minute classes
A more traditional program focused on using the attacker’s energy against them. Children learn to move with balance while avoiding attackers strength. Children are taught to control and/or throw the attacker by destroying the attackers base and balance.



(Ages 6-12) – 60-minute classes
A self-defense based system focused on utilizing ground fighting techniques/skills to control and subdue an opponent or attacker. Although BJJ is a self-defense system there is a large sport component as well. Children have an opportunity to compete in local tournaments on a regular basis.



(Ages 4-14) – July 16-20, 2018
Summertime is a great time for kids to explore the world outside the classroom. Our camp is designed to keep your child active and engaged while growing mentally and physically through the summer. We develop important skills such as goal setting, persistence, self-discipline, and focus. We also incorporate life-saving self-defense techniques and promote self-esteem. But most importantly, we make summer camp FUN!



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