Martial Arts

Kids Programs

Here at Georgia Martial Arts & Self Defense we offer several kids programs that are built to help improve your child’s focus, motor skills, and give them the self defense skills they need.


Our kids Jujutsu is a more traditional standup class.  We combine basics from Jujutsu, Karate, Judo, and JiuJitsu.  This class focuses on bully prevention, improving focus and confidence, discipline, and social skills.  In this class self defense is our mission. We strive to equip our kids with the knowledge and skills they need to defend themselves and give them the confidence they need.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our kids BJJ class is for kids ages 6 and up. Here the kids learn how to utilize proper technique to overcome size and strength. This is a more competitive class where the kids are able to compete against each other during live sparing to get a dominant position and submit the other student.

Small Samurais

This 30 minute class is geared for our younger kids to provide them with a fun, hands on, and controlled environment.  For kids ages 3-5 we spend a lot of time on gross motor skills, listening skills, working well with others, and basic self defense skills.  The kids will learn how to fall properly, how to move out of the way, basic striking, and techniques geared towards their age.

Kids Striking

This class focuses on karate/kickboxing style striking.  The student must be enrolled in either kids Aiki or kids BJJ to do this class.  We offer this class to kids ages 7 and up.  The student will be well protected in the class, by our trusted sparring gear.  This is a controlled sparring class and we limit contact to the head.  Each student is required to wear a headgear, mouth piece, gloves, and shinguards. Sparring class starts out with basic striking drills, learning how to move, learning to keep your hands up, taking others down, and throwing combinations with a partner.  At the end of the class the kids will get to do live sparring where they are competing against each other. It is a safe and well monitored environment and the kids are working to help their partner get better while improving their own skill levels.

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