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Adult Programs

Our Adult Programs are designed to help you meet your goals for self defense and personal growth. Each program is led by qualified professionals who love to teach and share their knowledge.

Aiki Jujutsu

Aiki-Jujutsu is the parent art of aikido, as well as judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and as such there are many similarities. Comprehensive martial arts with roots to feudal Japan and Samurai warriors. Jujutsu was utilized for close quarter combat and includes striking, throws, joint locking, and grappling. Aiki-Jujutsu is also designed for close quarter combat but focuses more on the utilization of an aggressor’s strength against themselves by redirecting the attack. Both arts were used on the battlefield of Feudal Japan for over 1000 years and have been used for Law Enforcement for well over a hundred years. They are the father arts of Judo, Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our BJJ classes are open to men, women and children age 6 and over, of all fitness levels and martial arts experience. A self-defense martial art and combat sport based on grappling and submission holds. It focuses on the skill of taking an opponent to the ground, controlling one’s opponent, gaining a dominant position and using a number of techniques to force them into submission via joint locks or chokeholds. 


The name Judo was chosen because it means the “gentle or yielding way”. A modern Japanese martial art and combat sport. It that originated in Japan in the late nineteenth century. Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the object is to either throw one’s opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue one’s opponent with a grappling maneuver, or force an opponent to submit by joint locking the elbow or by applying a choke.


Our Fitness Class will help get you into shape from head to toe. The class focuses on a lot of whole body exercises that are designed to get you feeling stronger and improve your cardiovascular health. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we want to help you reach your goals and give you that confidence you need.



On Saturday, February 12th from 1:30pm-4:30pm, we are having a Women’s Self Defense Class here at Georgia Martial Arts & Self Defense for women ages 12+. Our goal with each class we teach, is to help each individual start on their pathway for personal empowerment, helping them gain confidence that will carry them through life.


Shinkendo “Real Sword Way” is the study and practice of traditional Japanese Swordsmanship. Students will learn the history, philosophy, and the practice of authentic swordsmanship. This will include methods of drawing your sword, sparring, and formal test cutting with live blades. Practice will require depth of coordination, intense focus and rigorous training. Practice of Shinkendo can provide a strong mind and body as well as an improved outlook on daily life. Students of all levels of fitness ages 12 and up are welcome to come and train.

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