Georgia Martial Arts & Self Defense is proud to offer Shinkendo, Traditional Japanese Sword, to the Atlanta metro area. We are an officially licensed branch of the International Shinkendo Federation and The Kokusai Toyama Ryu Renmei under Founder and Director Obata Toshishiro Kaiso. Instruction is available at both our Acworth and Smyrna locations.
Japanese Sword has a 1000 year history and with it, an equally long and proud tradition. Throughout its history, the art has divided and evolved into many different schools of instruction, each respecting its history and founder by keeping the school of instruction intact. Shinkendo, the true way of the sword, as a modern art honors the integrity of the traditional schools, while allowing for a combination of the most important aspects of each. In this way, it teaches a more complete art.
Georgia Martial Arts & Self Defense, Shinkendo is taught through five interlocking aspects of swordsmanship:
Suburi - Swinging and Basics
Battoho - Combative Drawing and Re-sheathing
Tanrengata - Main Solo Forms
Tachiuchi - Partnered Training
Tameshigiri - Target Cutting Practice
Students can expect to get a balance of these five aspects as they learn the art.
Shinkendo rank is based on the older, traditional system without the use of the modern Dan and Kyu rankings. Student and instructor ranks are awarded separately.


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