Georgia Martial Arts & Self Defense offers a unique Defense Fitness curriculum which blends the punches and kicks of kickboxing, the body reshaping of boot camp and the knowledge and training of self-defense skills. Our class is a fun, high energy way to get fit while incorporating the vast martial arts experience of our instructors. As an alternative to the traditional martial arts we offer, it is perfect for those who wish to get in shape and build endurance, while practicing real and practical self-defense skills in a non-threatening environment. We offer our Defense Fitness at both the Acworth and Smyrna locations.
Each class is a unique blend of physical elements including:
- Stretching
- Plyometrics
- Strength Conditioning
- Core Synergistics
- Pilates
- Cardio Exercise
- Practical Self-defense
Classes will balance these elements using both open mat work as well as handheld, and heavy bags. The class structure and routine is different every session which offers new challenges to your body and mind, maximizing results while keeping you mentally engaged.
Initially, new students are encouraged to work at their own level of fitness. This will help you adjust gradually to the class workout. As your fitness level increases, you can expect to burn from 500 to 800 calories in an hour. You are encouraged to attend as frequently as possible and one fee covers as many classes as you wish to attend per month. After 3 months, your body will be stronger and more toned. After 6 months, you will have built strength, balance, confidence and reshaped your body.
As with our traditional Japanese arts, our emphasis is on long term fitness goals. Class sizes are kept small, less than 15 members per sessions, to ensure each class is tailored to your fitness level. This is a great place to come get fit in a positive, supportive atmosphere while meeting new friends who have the same goals of improved health, increased fitness, decreased stress level and overall higher quality of life.
For convenience, several of our Defense Fitness classes run consecutively with our Kid's Aiki-Jujutsu classes at our Acworth dojo.


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